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2 thoughts on “Contact Us:

  1. Hello,

    I run a heritage poultry breeding company in Nova Scotia, Canada. I am currently trying to source some alternative’s to the rustic broiler I currently sell ( A Sasso strain). I would like some more information on the strains you have available, what the growth rates are etc. Also I would like to discuss purchasing some parent stock. I currently have to purchase day old product chicks from a hatchery for my customers and I would rather hatch everything on my own farm. So I am looking for alternatives.

    Your farm is only the second one in North America that I know of that maintains there own breeding program for rustic broilers (as Don Shaver likes to call them). The other one being located some where’s in PA.

    I am looking forward to further correspondence.
    Colin Arenburg

    • Hi Colin,
      Thank you for letting us know your inquiry. I will try to get back to you with some good answers to your questions about rustic broilers.
      Mary Beth

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