About Cebe Farms


(Pictured above, (left) Joe Jr and Joe Cebe, Sr., owners of Cebe Farms. (Right) Retail location in Los Angeles who sell Cebe brand of heritage birds. Customers ask for them by name.

Cebe Farms is a family business, established in San Diego County in the Ramona area for more than 30 years.

Owner Joe Cebe, Sr. “These chickens enable them to make a healthy delicious traditional family meal like grandma did in their homeland, the centerpiece of the family dinner and life.”

The Cebe Chicken is a colored bird. The feather color is a mix of black, red, barrel columbine (black white). The texture of meat is soft/tough for both male and female.

When asked, “How important is service to you?

The answer is: “We deliver 363 days a year (we take off Christmas and New Year)Customer service is available to reach Joe / Joe, Jr.  most 24/7 or driver. It is possible to get special afternoon or day/night delivery during peak times.

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