Presenting Cebe Farms, Inc

Who are we?

Who are we?


We’d like to introduce you to the finest fresh chickens in Southern California. You may not know us well, but we hope you start to see the difference we bring to fresh fowl in the local area. We deliver 364 days a year, and you’ll never find any chickens fresher than Cebe Farms, Inc. If you are wondering about Cebe Farms, you’re going to find out a lot more about them. Read more about Cebe Farms, below:


What makes Cebe Farms Heritage meat birds different and distinctive and the highest quality?

The biggest factor in having high quality poultry that is different and distinctive is the fact that we started with the older heritage breeds developed in the 1930-1950’s. We have maintained their original traits and have improved and adapted them to our southern California markets and climate. We raised them in the old fashion open type housing giving them plenty of room, fresh air, good water and high quality feed of the type used in the golden age. The type bird I desire and breed are selected for vigor and vitality – birds that are very active and love an active lifestyle. They carry excellent muscle tone, low body fat and have an excellent respiratory system that will support an active lifestyle.

Los Angeles market featured in LA Times, 2012. "Best chickens ever."

Los Angeles market featured in LA Times, 2012. “Best chickens ever.”

They have a moderate growth rate that will put on high quality, lean meat at a steady rate. They can be grown even at high altitude under average ranch stress conditions and continue to grow at a steady rate without breaking down or getting sick. They will not suffer Ascites, leg problems or other disease if given the average care. The commercial white meat birds will not thrive and prosper under bad conditions and high altitude because their bodies outgrow their organs and respiratory system. The commercial birds are MG-MS free, bred under antiseptic conditions in an ideal “germ free” environment allowing growing extremely fast with an unnaturally large breast. This front heavy breast will not allow them to walk or stand normally. Over years of this type of breeding they lose their natural ability to fight off disease and to exercise freely (mostly sitting on the exaggerated large breast – losing their natural gate and mobility). Our birds are selected in Potrero, California at high altitude to add enough stress to select out the best, most healthy and natural breeders to reproduce. The ideal market age is about 11-12 weeks. This age along with the active nature of our natural bred birds produce the best tasting, low fat and nutritious meat you can buy.

Steady healthy growth to a market weight at about 12 weeks produces the best meat quality. Our birds will accomplish this under average conditions with a good feed but do not need a high density, high protein, fat laced broiler ration. Our specially designed feed rations are made of corn, soy beans, some meat and bone scraps and a vitamin mineral pack to fortify it. No added fat to push growth and a fatty body!

2 thoughts on “Presenting Cebe Farms, Inc

  1. How do I contact Joe Cebe? Just wondering if Cebe Farms only sells to commercial markets? I would like to try a bird and live near by in Ramona. Are the birds ever sold live at any stage for home processing?


    • Dear Glenis,
      Thank you for your comments and questions. I have sent him an e-mail already, but if you have not heard back, try this.
      You can contact Joe Cebe by calling him directly if you like. His number is 760 789- 8221.
      Tell him you saw his website and had some questions.
      Mary Beth McCabe
      Sun Marketing (consultant to Cebe Farms)

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