Welcome to Cebe Farms

BoxingChamp_Eng_070507Cebe Farms has been selling the Cebe strain of colored meat bird for more than 30 years.

We offer 363 day per year delivery. We take off on Christmas and New Years Day.

A bit of bird history: “Prior to the early 1900’s chickens were raised on a small scale in households throughout the US. Almost all efforts to breed chickens were to select for show qualities as showing poultry was very popular then and show birds sold for high prices. As the rural population moved to big industrial cities, where it was harder to raise your own poultry, meat and eggs, small farms outside the cities started to raise more poultry for sale and farmer’s wifes (who usually care for the poultry) started to make more money.” (Joe Cebe)

We will be sharing the Cebe Farms story throughout this process and we hope you find it interesting to learn more about the farm, the family and the process.

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